The Energy Alcove

I help spiritual seekers raise their vibrational energy to live their best life.


We are all made up of energy and we vibrate at a certain frequency.  Studies have shown that people who vibrate at higher frequencies are generally more happy.  Happier people enjoy life more, no matter their circumstances.  It is my goal to help as many people as possible raise their vibrational energy so they can be happier, enjoy life more and live their best life ever.

What People Are Saying

“If you are looking for a great life coach then look no further.  Tammy is AMAZING.  She knows exactly what questions to ask to help you answer your own questions.  I had so many concerns and questions and after a session with her, I felt so much weight lifted from my shoulders and now my life is right on track per our conversation.  I Highly recommend Tammy.”

~ Tiffany

“Talking to Tammy made me feel like I’m “ok”.  I got more clarity and walked away with a different perspective.”

~ Amber

“My life coaching session with Tammy was very helpful.  She is both personable and professional and helped me look at both short and long-term realistic goals.  I emphasize “realistic” and she helped me focus on things I have been thinking about but get frustrated with.  The discussion helped frame some simple as well as more complex goals into thoughts and actions I can better deal with based on my perspective.”

~ Steve

“Let me raise your vibrational energy!”